Welcome to Durham City Amateur Swimming and Water Polo Club.

Founded in 1861 and based at Freeman's Quay in Durham City, we are the second oldest swimming club in England and over several generations our members have succeeded in competition at the highest levels. We are proud of our history and of our members who have helped shape the sports of swimming and water polo over the decades.

We are affiliated to the Amateur Swimming Association and are a   swim21-logo   accredited club.  

Our principal activities are competitive swimming and water polo.

Latest News

  • Junior League 2016 Update

    In 2016 a band of warriors from DCASC took on the gargantuan task of dispatching fellow athletes form other local clubs. A contest was held and that contest was called the Junior League. A myth to some; the pinnacle of a years worth of hard training, planning and focus to others.

    In the beginning there was a friendly. Fresh from the training pool DCASC took to the poolside of their very own Freemans Quay. The coaches tense, the swimmers ready and raring to go.

    The Friendly - Freemans Quay
    1st – Durham City Black (232 Points)
    2nd – South Tyneside (213 Points)
    3rd – North Tyneside (169 Points)
    4th – Tynedale (154 Points)
    5th – Derwentside (144 Points)
    6th – Durham City Red (41 Points)

    Coming away from the very first gala, even though a friendly one leaves us with a lovely taste for success but naturally somethings to look at. Back to the drawing board.


    Heat 1 – Stanley

    The first coach gala of the Junior League, how exciting. Pleasantly all the swimmers and all the coaches arrived on time and so far there has been no ‘glitches’.
    From the chaos of the Louisa Center’s reception, the spectator gallery fills very quickly with parents eager to see DCASC do their thing. The poolside is awash with training bags, team sheets and of course swimmers from all six clubs.
    After the warm up, which flies by, the tension starts to mount with the sound of that whistle, calling everyone to attention.
    The competition was fierce; spectators on the edge of their seats and two coaches from Durham in the stands living and dying with every event.

    Here arethe results.

    1st – Durham City (206 Points)
    2nd – Aquaforce Hartlepool (175 Points)
    3rd – South Tyneside (174 Points)
    4th – North Tyneside (155 Points)
    5th – Tynedale (142 Points)
    6th – Richmond Dales (141 Points)

    Yes, they've done it again. Outstanding work, now lets get back to training.


    Heat 2 – Durham

    Thats two down. Here’s the third. Back at the infamous Freeman's Quay. Durham takes to the poolside with confidence once again. Surely they’ve got this one? Surely all that training has paid off. Surely there’s no stopping us now.

    Here’s the results.

    1st – Durham City (208 Points)
    2nd – Richmond Dales (190 Points)
    3rd – Aquaforce Hartlepool (183 Points)
    4th – South Tyneside (167 Points)
    5th – Tynedale (129 Points)
    6th – North Tyneside (126 Points)

    The training is working, but we mustn’t get complacent. Time for some fine-tuning. Everyone goes home happy and ready for some more work. This is just what we do now.


    Heat 3 – Billingham

    Straight to the results for this one.

    1st – Aquaforce Hartlepool (219 Points)
    2nd – Durham City (199 Points)
    3rd – Richmond Dales (180 Points)
    4th – South Tyneside (155 Points)
    5th – Tynedale (121 Points)
    6th – North Tyneside (114 Points)

    The glitch from round one has finally caught up. But still DCASC remain confident. The diversion from perfection having left the team with a greater thirst for victory and a fear for anything but the number one spot spurs everyone into the pool on Monday (…Tuesday). There’s no messing around now, focused and serious, the drills are completed.

    “Five off the wall”, “Two, Five, Three” ,“Open side take overs”, “Keep your head still!”, “KICK!”, “’marks; GO!, ‘marks; GO!, ‘marks: GO!”, “GO!”, “GO!”, “GO!”


    The Final – Tynemouth

    Here we are. The final. The feeling among the team is electric. They are eager. The coaches for the first time feel real nerves.

    The first 12 events prove powerful and after that everyone relaxes into the groove. Pushing for the win in every event, charging the finishes, fighting for every point.

    Here are the final results

    1st – Durham City (234 Points)
    2nd – South Tyneside (189 Points)
    3rd – Aquaforce Hartlepool (182 Points)
    4th – North Tyneside (152 Points)
    5th – Richmond Dales (139 Points)
    6th – Tynedale (122 Points)

    A fantastic Junior League with some fantastic swims. Not only did DCASC win in their division they went on to win in the 10, 11, and 12 year age groups and the Cannon relay. Such an achievement, proof that hard work and commitment is the only way to get any where in this great sport.

    Here’s to the 2016 DCASC Junior League Team; swimmers, coaches volunteers and parents all. Bring on division one.

    Mike Perry

  • N and D Youth Forum

    Northumberland and Durham are keen to develop a Youth Forum to help develop aquatics within the county. If anyone is interested in applying to be part of this exciting new venture please visit the NER website where full details and application packs can be found. The closing date for applications is 5th August 2016 with the first meeting being held at the ASANER Regional office in Darlington on 7th September 2016

  • Water Polo Update

    Durham City Water Polo Captains and section invite everyone to the very first Captains’ team versus Coach’s team “friendly” match to mark the end of their year.  The action takes place on Sunday 26th June at 4.30pm at Freeman’s Quay, and we would like as many people to come and cheer the senior water polo section on as the Captains’ team tackles the Coach’s team. If you have ever wondered what water polo is all about then now is your chance to come and see the seniors in action

  • Latest Gala News

    Accepted Entries


    Upcoming Gala Closing Dates for DCASC Swimmers

    Richmond Dales Back To School Meet  - 01/07/2016
    DCASC - Medley Challenge - 20/09/2016 - Note the change
    NER Short Course - 07/10/2016


    Results from Durham City Summer Gala 2016 can be found here
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    Results from the Wear Valley May Level 3 Meet can be found here

     Any problems please contact Stephen Wilkinson.