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Match report : 24th April (Sunday) Sunderland Ladies v. Durham city

Again, well done to all of you who travelled to Sunderland on Sunday. It was not a close result, but one of the cleanest matches yet. Well done to Fin for confident captaincy, particularly as you had no warning. Congratulations to everyone, there were no exclusions for any Durham player! The top scorers from the score card were:
Fin - 4
Jonathan - 2
Andrew - 1
Mim - 1
Lorna - 1
David -1

And the unofficial bruise of the season award still firmly belongs to Thomas E.

Match report : 7th Feb (Sunday) Durham city v Sunderland ladies

Well done to all of you who played on Sunday. It was a very close result, 10:11 to Sunderland but the standard of team playing and leadership from Durham was brilliant. Awards from the match are:
Mat’s Man of the Match: Jonathan Stones

The top scorers from the score card were:
Peter Dowsett - 3
Emma Bramley - 2
Paddy Kell - 2
Michael Hampshire - 2
Jonathan Stones – 1
Katya Kaliteevskaya - 1

Bruise of the match has to go to Thomas Edge – you could even see the toe prints from the dainty little footmark on his chest! Please note there is no prize for the most spectacular bruise gained in a match – yet!

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